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United Lifesavers is a PLUS (Power of Love in Unity to Succeed™) company that created a figurative ship called the ARK of Prosperity™ to help accelerate people on their journey to their Land of More than Enough. What do we consider the Land of More than Enough? It’s where after paying expenses you have an extra $2,000 to deposit into our GiveSaveInvest-and Play accounts.

As members on-board the ARK you have access to our online platform where we can support each others small business, non-profit, or crowdfunding campaign, and give and receive pre-owned items and gift cards. The best part is, we distribute up to 60% of the membership fees back to the members in the form of inteREST (Residual Earnings Sustaining Tomorrow) for thinking about the interests of others and inspiring them to board the ARK to add the PLUS to their life.

Membership InteREST is given to help people:

  • Get Out Of Debt for GOOD
  • Improve their health
  • Strengthen their relationships
  • Grow their business
  • Fund their non-profit
  • Meet personal campaign goals

As we help you on your journey to the Land of More than Enough, all we ask is that you take 10% of their inteREST and do Acts of Random Kindness in your community and support the small businesses and non-profits on the ARK.

5 Focus of Our Company


The Message:

We Need the Power of Love in Unity to Succeed in life!


The Mission:

  • Help 100,000 people reach their Land of More than Enough with $2,000 inteREST.
  • Bring communities together by inspiring people to think about the interests of others.
  • Unite local small businesses with consumers and the community with local non-profits.
  • Provide 100,000 people a support system so they do not weather any storm in life alone.


The Money:

We share up to 60% of the membership fees back with the members to empower people with extra money to save-invest-give-and play. Plus, it provides people multiple streams of income. The introductory price is only $5 since many people haven’t experienced residual income and we like to call this their ‘Baby Steps to Residual Success’.


The Model:

We apply the top 6 strategies of the wealthy on the ARK:

  1. Start your own business
  2. Create multiple streams of income
  3. Leverage yourself
  4. Earn residual income
  5. Help others achieve success
  6. Invest and keep learning


The Method:

So how do we get people to board the ARK to help us fulfill our mission each day?

  • We perform Acts of Random Kindness as a team
  • We offer GOODS (Give Out Of Debt Store)
  • We offer a very low introductory price to board
  • We incentive members to support each other




Since the greatest Power is Love and with Unity we can Succeed far greater, we inspire people to add the PLUS to their life so they can experience greater success in their finances, health, and relationships!

Because the ARK is powered by the PLUS and its what propels us to the Land of More than Enough, when we refer people to board the ARK, we’re inviting them to add the PLUS to their life and gain inteREST (Residual Earnings Sustaining Tomorrow) so they can experience sweat-less success and take back their time to enjoy life and their family.


Why is it called the ARK of Prosperity™?

The ARK not only stands for Acts of Random Kindness but when we work together we’ll prosper by:

Accelerating Our Cash Flow, as we earn inteREST (Residual Earnings Sustaining Tomorrow).

Revitalizing Our Health, as we eliminate financial stress and gain accountable PLUS partners.

Knitting Together Our Relationships, as we work less hours and spend more time with family.

We believe the ARK of Prosperity will be a “Success for the whole world to see” because God takes pleasure in our prosperity (Psalms 35:27) and is pleased when we are happy and healthy, enjoying the fruits of our labor, and have more than enough to be a blessing to others.


What is the meaning behind the PLUS™?

Since power belongs to God (Psalms 62:11) and God, who is love (John 4:8), not only commands the blessing when we come together in unity (Psalms 133) but said when we’re on one accord with one purpose, nothing we do will be impossible (Genesis 11:6), we believe with the Power of Love in Unity we can Succeed in our finances, health, and relationships and experience total life prosperity.


When on the ARK, you are never alone!

Since no one is immune to challenges in life, being able to sail together (on the ARK) than be tossed to and fro alone (on your own boat) when the storm of life comes is a great benefit. So if you have a need in life due to unforeseen circumstances, as a member on the ARK, you can share it with other members and as a family we’ll do our best to help. We believe more good can get done when we come together as one!


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