Lifesavers Pledge

The Pledge

When you board the ARK you pledge to shop the small businesses and support the non-profits on-board the SmartBiz Expo platform. As an individual member, you pledge to post goods or gift cards to giveaway to other members and claim ONLY one good or gift card per month that other members giveaway.


Why is it important to support the ARK?

Supporting the members on the ARK shows we appreciate their partnership which helps provide our REST (Residual Earnings Sustaining Tomorrow). Plus, it provides businesses the capital to grow (which helps create jobs), and non-profits the capital to fund their mission (which helps communities). 


Lifesaver ‘Give Back Day’ Pledge

To help create balance within our giving efforts and ensure small businesses and non-profits have an opportunity to receive, the United Lifesavers established the Lifesaver Give Back Day! On this day members show appreciation for the ARK by supporting small business and non-profit events. When is your ‘Give Back Day‘? Let’s say you joined the ARK on March 5th, your Give Back Day would be the 5th of every month going forth and everyone who joined or joins on the 5th of any month would support business and non-profit events on the 5th. With 30,000 members (our 3-year goal) and 30-days in a month, we could see 1,000 members ‘Giving Back‘ every day.


Lifesaver Pledge: I Pledge to be Loyal to the:

Individuals I refer by sowing into their life and helping their achieve their dreams and goals!

Businesses (up to 5) I refer by supporting their business above all others in the same business!

Non-profits (up to 5) I refer by supporting their non-profit above all others with same mission!


Lifesavers in Philanthropy

As a Lifesaver on the ARK, we pledge to give at least 10% of our InteREST earned each month and perform Acts of Random Kindness in our community. And when we perform Acts of Random Kindness in our favorite business or non-profit name, we are giving them positive exposure. As Lifesavers we see needs as an opportunity to sow seeds and we look for ways to meet the needs of others. See, people may forget the ad they see but they will never forget how our kind deed made them feel.

As a FAMILY, we help members on our team who have needs as well, whether if they want to borrow money for groceries or for a business idea, we become their Lifesaver. The easiest and least expensive way to give to them is with the Cash app using their Hashtag. Again, it’s all about being there for each other since we are blessed to be a blessing.

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