Reenactment of Acts 2:45

Putting What’s Preached Into Practice!

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Did you know the enemy doesn’t want you to board the ARK and will do anything to keep you from reaching your Land of More than Enough. Why? Because aboard the ARK we teach 6 biblical principles to financial success and provide a system in which you can apply them. Plus, the enemy knows that the more money you have the more good you can do, the more you can give to church, and it will change your life and everyone around you for the better and God will get the glory. You see, the enemy wants us to adopt a POOR mentality where we Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly because he knows it’s one of the ways people remain poor or lack in life.

If you aren’t earning residual income, this is your opportunity to take this ‘Baby Step to Residual Success‘ and show the enemy that you believe, “We Need the Power of Love in Unity to Succeed” by adding the PLUS to your life by boarding the ARK of Prosperity!

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