The New Top Notch Tip

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The New Tip that’s Top Notch



What is the New Tip?

Do you receive tips on your job? Are you a massage therapists, barber, hair stylist, uber/Lyft/cab driver, delivery person, valet, hotel maid, furniture/home mover, or even a server (if you aren’t required to share your tips with your staff)? When a customer or passenger wants to be kind to you by giving you a tip, you can give them ‘The New Tip’ card that explains how their $5 a month partnership with the United Lifesavers to help spread the message that ‘We Need the Power of Love in Unity to Succeed’ is the New Tip and how their partnership helps people SAVE for their future, GROW their business, FUND their non-profit, and provides YOU up to $35 a month.


Plus, as a partner they’re able to board the ARK of Prosperity for $5 a month and become part of a great community who utilizes an online platform called the SmartBiz Expo, where as a…


Partnerships make better tips because they help you earn up to $35 inteREST (Residual Earnings Sustaining Tomorrow) off their partnership, helps other’s on your team live their dream, promotes love and unity, and if they inspire others to become partners, your inteREST compounds exponentially (Example: One apple seed produces a whole tree of apples). So, their $5 partnership tip could produce hundreds per month inteREST for you and for them, too.

 “Life gets better for so many when you board!”