Our Company


The United Lifesavers ARK of Prosperity is where people shop and explore the various businesses onboard and support each other in life as a community.


United Lifesavers, LLC

United Lifesavers is a company that inspires people to board the figurative ARK of Prosperity to Accelerate their cash flow, Revitalize their health, and Knit together their relationships by adding the PLUS...the Power of Love in Unity to Succeed in your finances-health-and relationships. United Lifesavers provides people with an opportunity to make residual income by combining Word-of-Mouth/Social Media with our PLUS concept. For more information about our membership and compensation click here


Our Mission

To bring people together on our figurative ship called the ARK of Prosperity to do Acts of Random Kindness, be a support system for each other, encourage people to save more and Get Out Of Debt!