Ask Family and Friends



The below script is for referring into the Individual group. We believe you’ll find referring Individuals to be EASY since Everyone Always Says Yes to the Power of Love in Unity to Succeed.

Note: Use this script to ask family and friends who do not own a business or a non-profit and who doesn’t have a crowdfunding campaign.


Script When Sharing with Family/Friends:

“To SAVE more for my future, I’ve partnered with the United Lifesavers to spread the message ‘We Need the PLUS (Power of Love in Unity to Succeed)’ in our finances, health, and relationships. Will you partner with me?

As a partner, for every person you inspire to partner with you to spread the message, ‘We Need the PLUS’ through Acts of Random Kindness, you receive up to $35 per month to SAVE for your future and to do Acts of Random Kindness. Plus, your partnership includes 5 other great benefits.

If you believe this world needs more love and unity, I’d love to have you partner with me to spread the message, ‘We Need the Power of Love in Unity to Succeed?”


If they are interested reply!

“Great! Can you go to and click ‘Wealth Cycle‘ under Membership Presentation.”


After they Register:

Follow up with them to ensure they understand their next 4 steps:

  1. Become a member for $5 a month and claim your first item (up to $25)!
  2. Post your first merchandise item or gift card to giveaway!
  3. Inspire 5 – 10 people to add the PLUS to their life!
  4. Watch the PLUS add inteREST to your account each day!”



After they say YES:

Walk them through the Sign-up process under ‘Membership’ and complete your ‘Next Steps’ for Individuals found under ‘Training’.