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Power of Love in Unity to Succeed™




Since ‘Love’ is the greatest ‘Power’ and with ‘Unity’ we have better rewards for our labor, to ensure we ‘Succeed’ in our finances, in our health, and in our relationships, ‘We Need the PLUS in our life’.

As Lifesavers we share the ARK of Prosperity™ with people so they can add the PLUS to their life. The ARK is a safe haven where people can come together and help each other prosper in all things by supporting each other. It’s also where you can get help navigating to Your Land of More than Enough, where after you pay expenses you have an extra $2,000 to SaveInvestGive–and Play.

The PLUS at Work and

Your Membership Benefits



For $5 a month your Lifesaver refers you to the ARK to board using the SmartBizExpo platform. With your membership you can post pre-owned items or gift cards for members to claim in our GOODS (Give Out Of Debt Store) and claim goods that other members post! Recipients of goods are asked to donate $5 to your personal campaign! After boarding the ARK, your Lifesaver pledged to support your campaign above all others with their increase on the ARK to help you MEET your campaign goal!

If after 3-months, you see greater success you can continue your journey to the Land of More than Enough on the ARK. If you didn’t and want to cancel, you can claim a gift up to $25 as you exit.


*Are you paying a fee to raise money for your cause? Don’t have a crowdfunding platform? We can recommend one that allows you to keep 100% of your donations and help you raise funds. After you meet your campaign goal you can list your favorite non-profit instead of your campaign where recipients can donate.

Get InteREST with the PLUS!

(FREE Residual Income with Your Membership)




People are quick to refer their family and friends to their bank to earn 1% interest for a referral fee!

But, now by thinking about the interests of others and referring them to the ARK for better interest, you can get 2% – 32% inteREST (Residual Earnings Sustaining Tomorrow) on their ARK membership. Plus, your inteREST compounds exponentially as the people you refer and their team refer others!


For example:

By the Power of Love in Unity to Succeed you can turn your $5 membership into $2,000 inteREST every month by referring 5 people to the ARK! This inteREST can be used to meet your goal or pay expenses in the event you lose your job.

Your Connection to Our…



The Wealth Cycle represents the continuous movement of wealth between ARK members!


Do you have a smart phone but you are not making money online? You may be current on technology but making a living behind times!

The Wealth Cycle is where members refer memberships to the ARK for commission, shop the small businesses and support the non-profits and other causes on the ARK, and finally share their experience to inspire others to board!

fivehandFive Reasons to Say YES!


We all spend $5 on non-sense (candy, soda, etc.), why not use it on what makes dollars and sense. By boarding the ARK, you become part of a great movement called Help Save America where you:

  1. Help people on the ARK earn more inteREST!
  2. Help yourself earn inteREST sharing the ARK!
  3. Help support our ARK Monday Giveaways!
  4. Help your personal campaign raise money!
  5. Help us spread the message about the PLUS!


For a tour of the ARK or to board please get with the person who shared this with you! For more details on our compensation click Comp Plan

Together We Can Raise More!