For Non-Profits

We Go the Extra Mile for Members

FREE Benefits as a Non-profit



1. GOOD EXPOSURE   giftgive

Acts of Random Kindness done in your name.

Your membership activates your Lifesaver to do Acts of Random Kindness in your business name. After their act they give the person an ARK card that links them to the SmartBizExpo where they can see a list of up to 5 businesses (including yours) who helped sponsor the act.


2. VIRAL EXPOSURE     social

Members share your non-profit on social media.

Your membership activates all the members on the ARK to share their experience on Social Media after they shop your business. Referral marketing is still the best method to gain new customers.


3. RAISE MONEY   fundraising

People donate $5 to your non-profit.

Your membership activates your Lifesaver to list your non-profit where recipients of their giveaways can donate their $5. The more successful they are with your help, the more they can support your non-profit.


4. BUSINESS SPECIALS    bizspecial

Get discounts/royal treatments from businesses.

Members take advantage of businesses offering incentives and discounts to members during their special ‘event’ promotions. As we grow you will be able to search over 1,000 small business specials.