Captain of the ARK

Learn why United LifeSavers was birthed and the servant-leader behind it all.

In 1997, the vision for the United LifeSavers (ULS) was sparked in Kenan Johnson.  Since then, Kenan has spent the years building this 21st Century ARK of Prosperity. With the compassion to see people succeed in life, Kenan realized that the only way is to get people together to work together in love in unity.

Kenan is passionate about living a well-balanced life financially, physically, and relationally.  As a result, he encourages people to create habits that promote total prosperity. Furthermore, Kenan believes when we think about the interests of others, live to give, and always remain grateful, then we will lead fulfilling lives. Kenan shares the belief that we WIN in life by helping others WIN!

Furthermore, Kenan was called to build the 21st Century ARK for such a time as this, similar to how Noah was given instructions to build an ark. The nation is indebted more than ever, sickness is at an all time high, and relationships are failing. This figurative ARK will bring relief and Help Save America by Accelerating cash flow so people can payoff debts faster, Revitalizing health by eliminating financial stress, and Knitting together relationships by enabling people to spend less time at work and more time together.