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United Lifesavers SmartBizExpo

You must be referred to board as an Individual!


For $5 a month (no commitment, cancel anytime) you can board the United Lifesavers figurative ship called the ARK of Prosperity™ and become a SmartBizExpo member and post pre-owned items or unused gift cards valued at up to $50 in our GOODS (Give Out Of Debt Store) for members to claim for FREE, plus claim pre-owned items or gift cards that other members post!


Here is how it works:






reciprocity-3The Law of Reciprocity Experiment!


The Law of Reciprocity is where two or more enjoy an equal benefit from the relationship. It’s with this law we perform a 6-month experiment to show how by supporting each other we win.

For the experiment, members first need to select an individual to help and then ask them to board the United Lifesavers ARK of Prosperity™ for only 6-months so they could help them save more for the future. After 6-months, they will determine if by supporting each other they are doing better in life. If so, they can continue their journey to the Land of More than Enough on the ARK. All that we require from the individual is they pay-it-forward by referring 3 people to the ARK to help.

Get InteREST on the ARK!

(FREE Residual to Save for the Future)




How much interest can $5 in the bank make you? Not even a penny! With your $5 membership you can earn inteREST (Residual Earnings Sustaining Tomorrow) for ‘thinking about the interests of others’ by referring them to the ARK so they can:

Accelerate their cash flow to pay off debts faster!

Revitalize their health by reducing financial stress!

Knit together relationships by working less hours!

Plus, your inteREST compounds when the people you refer and the people they refer ‘think about the interests of others’, too.


3 Steps to Turn Your $5 Into $626 InteREST:

1. You ‘think about the interests’ of 10 people by referring them to the ARK = $6 inteREST

2. Your 10 ‘think about the interests’ of 10 people each (totaling 100 people) = $20 inteREST

3. The 100 ‘think about the interests’ of 10 people each (totaling 1,000 people) = $600 inteREST


By the PLUS (Power of Love in Unity to Succeed™) your $5 compounds into $626 inteREST a month! Plus, by upgrading to our $50 membership where you post and claim goods over $30 and post and claim services over $30, your $626 increases to $1,486 inteREST a month automatically!

Your Connection to Our…



The Wealth Cycle represents the continuous movement of wealth between ARK members!


The Wealth Cycle is where members refer memberships to the ARK for commission, shop the small businesses and support the non-profits and other causes on the ARK, and finally share their experience to inspire others to board!


With so much competition in corporate America, being in a network that rewards with inteREST for ‘thinking about the interests of others’ is a PLUS!

fivehandFive Reasons to Say YES!


When you board the ARK of Prosperity™ for $5 a month, you become a part of a great movement called Help Save America where you can:

  1. Help the person who referred you fulfill their Law of Reciprocity experiment!
  2. Help yourself earn inteREST each month by thinking about the interests of others.
  3. Help spread love in our communities as we do Acts of Random Kindness as a team!
  4. Help people save money with the goods you post and your favorite cause raise money.
  5. Help spread the message that we need the PLUS (Power of Love in Unity to Succeed™)!


For a tour of the ARK or to board please get with the person who shared this with you! For more details on our compensation click Comp Plan