Reenactment of Acts 2:45

Putting What’s Preached Into Practice!

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Did you know the enemy doesn’t want you to board the ARK and will do anything to keep you from reaching your Land of More than Enough. Why? Because on the ARK we apply 6 biblical principles to financial success and the enemy knows the more money you have the more you can give to your church, the more good you can do for others and it will improve your life and those around you. So what is the enemies strategy to stop you? He gets you to adopt a POOR mentality where you Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly because he knows it’s one of the best ways to keep people poor or in the Land of Not Enough or Just Enough.

Don’t believe me? Here’s an example!

When Moses sent out the 12 leaders to spy out the promise land to see if it was rich or poor before entering (Numbers 13:1-20), 10 of them had a POOR mentality and forfeited their opportunity to enter the promise land. The 2 who had a ‘we can conquer mentality’ were Joshua and Caleb and they seized the promise land.

So, what are we saying?

There are seasons in our life when we’ll have to step out in faith and embrace the opportunity in front of us. If we wait for something extraordinary to take us into our next season, we may be like Moses at the Red Sea (see Exodus 14:15-16) when he began to pray for something to happen, then God asked him, why are you praying to me…lift up the crooked, wooden stick in your hand and use it.


Now, we aren’t saying this is the only route to Your Land of More than Enough but it is inexpensive, fun, and rewarding. If you aren’t earning at least $2,000 in residual income, this is your opportunity to take a ‘Baby Step to Residual Success‘ and show the enemy that you believe, “We Need the Power of Love in Unity to Succeed” by adding the PLUS to your life by boarding the ARK of Prosperity!

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“Life gets better for so many when you board!”