Steps Before Giving GOODS

Steps Before You Give to Someone a Product/Service


Post pre-owned items from your home or your office or post gift cards you purchased from your favorite businesses on your GOODS page for members to see. Tip: Check your family and friends Facebook ‘Check-In’ or ‘Likes’ page for ideas of what people like. For example, if I know my uncle likes Ray’s Pizza, I can buy a $20 gift card to Ray’s Pizza and post it on my page as my giveaway. If he likes it others may, too.

Follow these steps prior to giving away your item/gift card:

  • Check to ensure recipient:
    • Has an active account (GOOD, LISTING, or GENIUS)
    • What item value they’re eligible to receive (Basic or Premium)
    • Has not already receive more than 2 products or services that month (You can check this by going to their personal page and checking their review/comment section)
  • If eligible, agree to give the item or gift card to them and mark your item as not available
  • Have them write a review/comment under your post stating they were selected for item (this ensures members do not try and claim more than 1 item per month).
  • Ship the item or meet the person (please see our disclaimer prior to meeting the person).
  • Ask the recipient of item to donate 10% or more of the value to your favorite cause listed.l

Our Simple 4-Step Process:





After posting your GOOD, if you do not have any members show interest after a few days then share it on Social Media and see if anyone would like it. If no ones on Social Media shows interests then post a different item.


Script To Use When Sharing GOOD on Social Media

“As a member of the United Lifesavers, I believe in the Power of Giving so this month I’m giving away this “pre-owned item or gift card” in my Give Out Of Debt Store. That’s right, I’m ‘Giving My way Out Of Debt!‘ All I ask is that you give 10% or more of the value of the “item or gift card” to my favorite cause on my page and then pay-it-forward as a member by giving to someone else to keep the movement going. If you’re interested in my “item or gift card” give me a call or send me an email.


If those interested respond to your post then use the script that best fits their membership package, whether they have a business or non-profit or a crowdfunding account. If none of these apply to them, then use the script for Individuals!